Rom Coms

Hi Peoples!

So I’m here on a Saturday night watching sappy love movies. Ok so they’re rom coms so there is some nice comedic breaks from the tear jerker moments. But these movies do bring up a good point why do we allow ourselves to believe that this is how love is? These movies tell us that we will meet a man/woman who we will clash with an initially not have any feelings for until we realize that we do because between all the fights, filled with snarky remarks and sexual tension, the man/woman will start to do all of these crazy romantic things that show he/she has secretly loved us this whole time. In the movie this senario happens in less than a week, they live happily ever after and leave us tissues in hand, teary eyed, and hopeless romantics with hearts growing by the second waiting for this to happen to us. Don’t get me wrong I love a good rom com as much as the next person but I have realized that it has made me think that love is shown through public grand gestures, flowers everyday, and a boy showering me with all his attention and gifts. And if it makes anyone feel better I’m not single complaining about how a boy won’t look my way, which I had almost everyday before I met my boyfriend. Paul and I have been together for almost 10 months now and he is my first boyfriend so I’ve been learning a lot about love and relationships and how they are all different not cookie cutter like these movies make us believe. When we first started going out he did shower me with gifts and say all the romantic things. I mean the boy got me a gift for our second date (we had been talking for months before though). Anyways as the months went on the love hasn’t dwindled but it isn’t lke a rom com either. He shows his love everyday but in the ways of cooking me dinner or making me coffee every saturday morning. Also by the way cuddles into me when he sleeps or how he reaches for my hand when we’re out walking together. It may not be grand gestures but it’s enough to know that he truely loves me. And I’m not saying we have a perfect relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs, there have been times I’ve wanted to claw his eyes out but most of the time I just want to kiss his face (gross I know). I don’t think anyone can say what a perfect relationship is, the movies make it seem like it should only be one way boy meets girl and so on, but in my opinion love grows and changes and relationships grow they never stay the same. So I guess what I’m trying to get at is that if you’re in a relationship, even if youre not, it doesn’t have to be like the movies. Don’t think something is wrong if he or she doesn’t stand outside your window with a boom box over their head (it’s pretty hard to find a boom box anyways), they want to hang out with their friends (everyone needs their own time even if it’s just an hour), or if they don’t run into your office at work and profess their love in front of everyone. Every person shows love differently. My boyfriend may not be “the one” but who knows, as of now he is perfect for me and I look forward to the adventure known as our future and I am making a pact to not compare my relationship to rom coms. Also I didn’t write this to make people stop watching Rom Coms I think they are a great source of entertainment and as I said I’m watching them right now. Remember I’m always here to answer questions or if anyone needs someone to talk to. FOLLOW up to READ up! XX 

Boys are Stupid!

Hello friends!

So my boyfriend ditched me for his friends tonight. I know I should be ok with it but urg now I have nothing to do and want to be able to go to sleep with him next to me. Boys are stupid! I love him but boys are so stupid!!! Oh well maybe he’ll get home early enough that I can still spend the night :P So now I’m sitting here watching E! and drinking some red wine. Man I could’ve gone to my city’s street fair but instead I’m doing NOTHING! Also my parents are out having a great time so everyone is having fun except for me. Guys help me please ask me questions tonight please please please I’l love you forever plus I’m a bit tipsy so my answers will, like a wine, get better with time! So ask ask ask!!! FOLLOW up to READ up. Love you all! KISSES!!!


Hi all! So I’m super lucky and actually just recently got a new puppy!!! Her name is Kitsune (which means fox in Japanese) and she is the cutest dog ever. My boyfriend knew I really wanted her so he payed for half of her. But let me tell you having a puppy is like having a baby. The first night she came home I only got 3 hours of sleep because she didn’t want to sleep she just wanted to play. So now she stays in a crate at night yet we still have at least 15 minutes every night of whining and banging on the crate door before she finally falls asleep. Luckily she’s cute though. Puppies also cost a lot. Just three vet trips and she’s taken at least $300 dollars from me haha but I love her. Right now she’s next to me dreaming and her eyes keep opening I’m a bit scared. All good I woke her up for a bit. My boyfriend absolutely adores Kitsune no matter what he says. She loves him too sometimes I think more than she loves me! That’s how she is though she has a big thing for being around men…the little slut….jk jk jk jk. I think getting her probably wasn’t the smartest decision but it really was a great decision since she’s my little cuddle buddy and has taught me a lot since I have to be responsible for her as well as myself which is not something I’ve had to deal with to this degree. Anyways I love her I love my boyfriend and I just wanted to write about that. Don’t forget you can come to me for advice or if you just need someone to listen! Follow up to Read up! Love you guys

House Sitting

BOO! It’s me haha, hi everyone if anyone still reads this blog. I hope people do. Well I’m house sitting this week well I should say mansion sitting since my cousin’s place is huge! What’s even more awesome is that she said I can eat or drink anything in the two fridges and pantries (they have tons of food and alcohol like the good kind haha). Also it’s given me some time to study for my test that’s tomorrow. I’m trying to get my life only license for work and it’s a lot of information I’m not too sure about and I’m pretty scared about it so hopefully I do well and after that I can finally breathe for the week. But my boyfriend is here and he cooks for me and this big house is a lot less scary with him here at night. My mom still doesn’t really trust him after we took a break but she’s accepted that he makes me happy and that I can take care of myself but will come to her if anything is really bad. I’ve also been trying to get modeling jobs because it’s something I’m really passionate about as weird as that may sound but nothing has come up so far. But guys you should follow me on instagram to see how crazy normal my life is. My username is tkdance92 (just like everything else haha). I post pictures of my cute puppies a lot and follow back a lot of people so if you want an awesome new follower that will like all your pictures you should follow me. And I really want to be there for you guys so if anyone needs advice or just wants someone to talk to and make a new friend I’m here. Follow up to Read up! Thank you for everyone who is still following me it means a lot!!! <3

I’m a horrible blogger

Hi guys! So wow I’m really bad at this weekly blog thingy haha. But life has been hectic. After coming back from Vegas I’ve been working crazy hard on making my business and it’s a lot harder than I thought. Sometimes I wish I could not work but still get a paycheck. Also my boyfriend and I went through a rough patch so all I wanted to do this week was watch bad movies and cry. Like last night I drank 5 glasses of wine and it was great but probably not my best decision. I can’t wait till I get my pictures from my modeling gig. It was so awesome and a part of me wants to brag a bit. Also got to keep it on the down low (god willing we’re still together) I’m going to make my boyfriend a calendar with the pictures. I really hope he likes it and that we do stay together. The scary things about relationships is that at this age you either break up or get married there’s no in between. Oh well everything happens for a reason and I love him so that I know is certain. Sorry for the sappiness. And sorry for the short post but I’ve got to get back to the business. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions!! Follow up to Read up!! :)

Back to Reality

Hi guys! I’m sorry I didn’t post on Friday but it was my last day in Hawaii so I was really busy. Let me tell you though Hawaii was amazing! Well when we first got there we were set up in this hotel that was really like a motel. It was horrible! everything was dirty and the beds were uncomfortable and it was so small you could barely walk around. So after breakfast on our first day we called the travel agency and luckily got moved into a much better hotel with very comfy beds. We mainly just layed out on the beach and relax but we also did a bunch of cool things as well.Monday we went to the Honolulu zoo and saw all the animals. I was sad because the bear exhibit was closed but there were enough monkeys to make me forget. Tuesday we got to go to Germain’s Luau which was a lot more fun his time because I got to drink and it loosened me up enough that I got on stage and did the hula. Wednesday we went to Hanama Bay and I went snorkeling for the first time. It was super crazy and kind of scared me to be honest. But then when I got the hang of it it was amazing! There were so many colorful fish and they would come up so close to you if you just floated there. Thursday we were supposed to rent a car and go to the other side of the island but my dad was not about that life so instead we layed out and got shave ice and then had mai tais at the Royal Hawaiian to finish the night. My dad left for work the next day for work so it was just me and my mom. Something I left out my parents met a model there and she was interested in helping me out with my modeling and contacted me about being Honolulu’s Hottie of the Week so on Friday I had a photo shoot!! It was seriously the craziest thing of my life. I had only done a few photo shoots and this one was so much better because how many times can someone say I had a photo shoot on a Hawaiian beach to be on the cover of a magazine! I did get sun burnt though from being out there for 3 hours but it was worth it. Then my mom and I went on a catamaran named the Na’Hoku which is always fun. She went paddle boarding but I wasn’t about that life so I layed out till she got back and then we walked down the beach to the Hilton Hawaiian to watch the fireworks. It was the most amazing last day! I have to say though it was the best feeling coming home and seeing my boyfriend again. I know it’s super cheesy but I missed him so much. We haven’t been away from each other for that long and it actually made us a lot stronger so yay haha. Now it’s back to Reality kind of considering I’m going to Vegas for work so it won’t be totally back to normal but it’s not play time :( Please guys feel free to ask me anything! Follow up to Read up!! Love you guys! <3